Jags Klimax - The Album Review

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Jags Klimax, one of the best UK DJs for Bhangra tracks, has come roaring to the music stage with his new album ‘Jags Klimax – The Album’. Jags is a DJ cum Producer and has been working in the field of music from a very early age. He has worked with the best in the music industry. The list includes Snoop Dogg, Rishi Rich Project, Dr Zeus and many many more. The upbeat and rocking tracks of his new album ‘Jags Klimax – The Album’ indicates why many artist of different genre around the globe want to work with him for the remix of their songs.

The album hit the streets in March 2007 and ever since has created havoc in the fans mind. The hard-hitting and sizzling tracks of the song have got all the people dancing with joy. Album is studded with stars and has 8 thumping tracks. Artists like Sarbjit Kaur, Ashok Gill, Lembher Hussainpuri, Dildar Preet, Biti, Kaka Bhainiavaala, MC B and Surinder Shinda have all sung on the album and and Jags Klimax has produced the album. The versatility in the tracks and the artists present in this one album is implausible. Artists belonging to all genres are a part of this truly original album.

The song ‘Heer’ from the album featuring Sarbjit Kaur, folkstress of Punjabi song, is ruling dance floors! 3 music videos have already been released for the fans. Ballastic Productions have produced two of these three videos. The videos, shot in India, Dubai, Thailand and U.K., have a very mouth watering prospect for all of us. Jags Klimax had a successful tour in U.K. for the launch and promotion of the album. With Jags Klimax, it is a proven fact that a new star has arrived to the screen. The album has already proven itself in different charts around U.K. Go grab your copy or you will miss something special.

HOFB Rating 9/10