Finding That Perfect Wedding Venue in The U.K.

The United Kingdom is filled to the brim with history and culture. It also boasts exceptional natural beauty – both in major urban centres and when one ventures further afield. It makes the country an exceptional choice for those who want to enjoy both a wedding ceremony and a reception at venues which can hold their own against the best the world has to offer. The amazing selection of wedding venues means that all tastes and preferences can be catered for – and making the choice of the perfect venue can be a complex undertaking due in part to the choice that is available.

For those in search the perfect venue the choice can be narrowed down if one examines the value that the following venues will provide when it comes to celebrating that special day.

  • Tithe Barn, Bolton Abbey – North Yorkshire.

If the wedding couple is in search of that perfect mix of the rural and the historical there are not many venues that can match the charm of Tithe Barn. The natural beauty of the surrounds is only matched by the charm of the 16th-century barn. With chandeliers that lend an air of sophistication to the rustic charm and unmatched views, it approaches the perfect. Add to that the option of ‘a medieval feast’ as the repast of choice and you have the recipe for an unforgettable wedding experience. Pick between and outdoor or indoor experience. A winter wedding is especially cosy due to the fire pits available.

  • Hever Castle and Gardens – Kent.

Medival weddings may have been arranged – however, arranging a wedding at this venue provides an occasion that is certainly filled with more romance than those of that historical period. This castle is history heavy – it was the childhood refuge of Anne Boleyn. A choice of three different venues across the castle estate means that it will cater to the tastes of all those in search of that historical ambiance. One of these, the Tudor Suite is perfect for smaller parties, catering to around 60 guests. If a summer wedding in stunning natural surroundings is more you cup of tea then the Italian Gardens overlooking the 38-acre lake will meet and exceed your wildest expectations.

  • The Rum Warehouse, Titanic Hotel Liverpool – Merseyside.

When it comes to urban wedding venues there can be very few venues that can match this wonderful venue. The restored 1950s style warehouse in Liverpool offers some of the most wonderful banqueting spaces in the land. The idea of the warehouse holding the rum stores of Liverpool is one that excites the imagination – and when it comes to love imagination contributes to a long-lasting relationship. The sheer historical value of the ‘Titanic Staircase’ which mirrors the stairs on that conic ship begs for magnificent wedding photographs. The ‘Titanic Hotel’ which abuts the venue provides some catering opportunities which beg to be explored. 153 Rooms welcome wedding party guests to enjoy an overnight experience.

A wedding is a special day – that is given. However, a unique experience for the bride and groom and those in the wedding party is simply priceless. Explore wedding venues in the U.K. and immerse yourself in a wedding day which delivers

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