All About Licensed Wedding Venue Rules

If you reside in England or Wales and are planning to marry soon, you could be in luck. The Ministry of Justice is supposed to make changes to the rules stating where a couple can tie the knot in these two countries. Outdoor wedding ceremonies can become a lot more flexible once the new rules come into effect. The rules on licensed wedding venues in England and Wales have remained largely the same since 1994.

The Marriage Act of England and Wales allow couples to get married in venues licensed for civil ceremonies. Getting married in places of worship and register offices have drastically dropped due to this reason. Religious weddings in England and Wales have dropped to just 30% of all weddings. Couples have chosen to get married in barns, hotels, and historic buildings and not in churches because of the existing rules in these countries. More than 7,500 wedding venues have been approved in England and Wales since 1994.

The Ministry of Justice wants to change the rules covering licensed wedding venues in England and Wales in the near future. This will open the way for more venues to provide better choices for couples planning to marry. Here are the current rules for approved wedding venues in Wales and England.

. The wedding ceremony should take place in a permanent structure with a roof over its head. It may also include permanently moored boats.

. Venues with current religious connections can’t be used for a civil wedding.

. A wedding ceremony cannot take place in the open air or a marquee.

. The venue should be available for weddings on a regular basis.

. The venue should look appropriate and dignified to host a wedding ceremony.

. The venue should have a specific room or rooms where the wedding ceremony will be conducted.

Rules For Wedding Ceremonies At approved Venues

. The venue should be open to the public during the wedding ceremony.
. The wedding ceremony shouldn’t have any religious content like religious readings and music.
. No alcoholic drinks or food can be served or consumed in the area at least one hour before the wedding ceremony.

The new wedding venue rules will allow the venue to conduct weddings anywhere within their grounds or outdoor area. The proposed changes to the wedding venue rules will allow couples to marry for less. The aforementioned article provides information on the changes to licensed wedding venue rules.

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