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Bhangra is the lively type of dance and music that actually originated in the Punjab area in the Southeast Asia. As lots of lyrics reflect the long and tumultuous history of Punjab, the knowledge of history gives important insights in the meaning of this music. Punjabi songs started as part of the harvest festival celebrations; eventually panjabi songs became part of diverse events such as new year and weddings celebrations. As panjabi songs continue moving in to the mainstream culture, the understanding of its tradition and history helps to actually appreciate this.

Bhangra songs are becoming extremely popular across the globe. Some of the punjabi song artists have managed to receive international recognitions due to their amazing vocals, production and performances on stage. Due to the huge demand for punjabi songs. There are several new artists also coming up with these new bhangra songs to rock the music world. House Of Bhangra has all the latest punjabi song news as well as a vast collection of Punjabi Songs Videos and Punjabi Songs Lyrics.

Punjabi Bhangra Songs, the most famous songs in India generally come from the Punjab. Many of the bhangra artists that have had hit punjabi songs and punjabi song videos travel all over the world showcasing the talent that they have accumalated in their homeland of India. The Punjabi bhangra songs now are getting popularity all across the world with several punjabi song artists like Punjabi MC, Bally Sagoo, RDB contrubuting to hollywood soundtracks .

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